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Do you have the need for speed? Underground? Part two? Well, Nintendo DS does!
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Need for Speed Underground 2 rom

NDS NFS Underground 2 was developed by European studio Pocketeers, has spent the past few years on EA's racing franchise, but in a much smaller format in the form of Gameboy Advance renditions of Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed, Need for Speed: Underground and Need for Speed Underground 2. When faced with the task of bringing the series to the Nintendo DS, the team looked to the design it created for the Gameboy Advance instead of attempting the free-roaming structure of the console game. The DS version, naturally, plays better than the edition the team's created for the GBA thanks to the DS system's strengths in 3D, but the team could have put a little more effort into the wow factor to make it stand further apart from its previous handheld effort. It's fun, but just a little too straightforward and routine.

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This racing game handles very well with the digital D-pad, and pushes a lot of variety in the different style of races. You've got standard races against three computer opponents, time trial challenges for solo racers, a drag race design to test out players' shifting prowess, and a pretty clever "Own the Zone" racing challenge. Own the Zone segments each course into separate parts, and players claim that portion of the track by earning the fastest time at the start and end of that zone's perimeter. Opponents can steal the zone away if they get the faster time, and the map on the lower screen keeps track of which zone is owned by which player. It's a neat addition to the racing series that definitely builds up variety in the design.

Need for Speed Underground 2 on the Nintendo DS doesn't match the experience that's been created on the console; instead, the developers built off the foundation it created for the Game Boy Advance version last year. Naturally, it's a better game than the GBA edition simply because the DS hardware is much better suited for the fast-paced environments. Pocketeers, at the very least, show that they've at least got a grasp on the dual-screen's 3D capabilities, even if the system itself isn't nearly on the same level as current generation consoles.

That said, the expectations are a little higher for a DS racer, and while this game is a solid effort, it feels like it plays it safe by never exceeding what's expected out of a portable racing game. The variety of racing options, the wireless multiplayer, and the art customizing features are a good start; it's certainly a satisfying racing experience, but there are gaps in its production. As fun as it is, it just feels like there should be more to the package. Download snesDS - SNES roms emulator for Nintendo DS so that you can play Super Nintendo games on NDS. Snes emulator roms.

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